You can find abstract sample by clicking on direct link or by downloading archive. We kindly ask you to use this sample as a template for your abstract.

Submitted abstract file should be compiled by LaTex editor without errors and overfull warnings. Abstract size should not exceed 1 page. Abstract file name should contain last and first names of the first author written in Latin letters (e.g. IvanovIvan.tex). Please send ready abstract tex-files to maitfconf@gmail.com.

We kindly ask you to use the simplest commands, types and styles. Since all abstract files would be aggregated into abstract book, we also kindly ask you to avoid overriding commands, introducing your macroses and using automatic numeration in formulae, bibliography, theorems, etc.

Upper and lower indices of summation, integration, product and other operators should be placed respectively above and below operator sign. To this end please type '\limits' construction right after operator name.